Nick, Inc. guarantees confidentiality and works within strict encryption protocol guidelines. Our constant commitment to quality demands that our equipment is continually upgraded and will always be on the cutting edge of new technologies ensuring precision accuracy and easily archived reports.


With many years of experience in the medical industry, Neelum Moondra began Nick, Inc. to provide medical transcription for physicians and medical professionals in a variety of medical fields. Nick, Inc. is a locally owned company that holds accuracy, HIPPA compliance and 24 hour turnaround time as their top priorities. High quality medical transcription service at cost competitive rates.


Nick, Inc. operates an innovative digital system that is available to health professionals 24 hours a day and brings them accurate reports within 24 hours of dictation. Nick, Inc. offers transcription for most aspects of medical communication from everyday SOAP and diagnostic procedures notes to letters, medical histories, physicals, and insurance related correspondence including IME’s and peer reviews. STAT dictation is offered with a 9 hour turnaround time.


Nick, Inc. provides a customized toll free phone system to each client that supports the dictation. All that is needed is a phone to use their state-of-the-art direct dictation system. The dictation is processed by an experienced medical transcriptionist who will return the transcribed report to the client within 24 hours. Reports can arrive through electronic delivery to pre-specified locations, or via hand delivery or fax. Nick, Inc. normally exceeds HIPPA requirements and is more than 99% accurate. If corrections are ever required they are performed at no additional charge. Nick, Inc. gives each client detailed usage reports.